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soo... this year ill be working a whole lot of scifi illustrations for the book im working on, Shadow Space. ive also got alot of new tattoo pics of things ive done its just a matter of me getting around to posting them. and hopefully ill getting around to doing some more girls and monsters witch every one loves.

wow 2012 already, ive been working now profesionaly doing tattoos at skincity in newwindsor NY. i have a great time doing that. if you've been watching ive been some space art for a long ongoing story i'm writing. also some covers and posters for fake comics/movies and some remakes of old things i like. figgured i havnt writen in my jornal for a while so... i dont even imagin any one actually reads this.
its december, its too freekin cold, i got a bunch of tattoos ive done but have been to lazy to uplode, so expect to see those soon. ive got about 4 other digital pices ive been trying to get done between working at the shop from noon till sometimes 11 pm. so a bunch of new stuff coming soon so... ull just have to wait
....i dont really write in my journal much. i dont ushaly have that much to say. all in all its been a good summer, didnt get much work done. just been finishing up this project ive been working on for a while(maby ill post it what im 100% done. I should be starting at the tattoo shop at the end of september. my b-day is coming up on the 24th. idk, i just got tired of my thiggy sayin "summer 08"
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ok so as you might have noiced ive been working on a few new things. i wanna try and get alot done this summer( comics and what have you)

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ps happy friday the 13th
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ok so i know havnt put much stuff up lately. ive been working on writing for the comic thing. just put a new one up last night ...zombies yay with of corcwe cybernetic machine guns. umm oh, this year im working on having tshirts on my website so any sugestions or ideas are welcome. i think im gonna put up a new user ID in a sec. you know, to jazz things up around here. this old pic (keep in mind that i had only woken up from a hard night of drinking 15 minuts prior) is just not doing the trick. ive also been working on jazzing up my old leather jacket with some bad ass bones. its looks way cooler than i ever expected it might come out, so ill have a good pic of that soon

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i havent updated my journal inquite some time so i figgured i would. its fall my fav time of year wich is always a good thid. my birthday is on the 24th and halloween is just around the corner! yay! ive been working alot on the mythos for my comic ( im very big on hard science fiction) and i want every thing to be worked out proberly befor i have characters just running arounf all willi nilly. i also want tomake sure i have every thing the way i like it so i dont have to change any thing, or something is inconsistent. so far thoug, right now the main focus is Gharial Grim who is a ghost, his adventures in the NetherRealm and earth. this story also takes place in the same universe as the Graphic novel that Ian and i are working on. im planning on writing the script and laying every thing out over the next few upcoming months.

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so my good friend Ian and i are in the works of writing a graphic novel series, hes doing most of the script and im doing all the illistration. the story is set in the late 1800's and follows the the tales of Edward Somerset (a wealthy british man whos young, pregnant wife has recently died) and Adulfus Meriweather ( a NY scientist who's been shuned from the scientific community for his strainge theiorys on the physical universe, and the one of the dead). together they embark on a macabre quest to reserect edwars lost love, travel to exotic locals and meet a strainge and unique cast of bizzer characters (including my original charicter Gharial Grimm, who will eventaly be a main character also)

so the whole point of this is what? well ive never done any thng like this, any advice, or help from any one whould be greatly appriciated. pleases contact me if any one at all is interested.

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i finaly desided to make a devart account, tell me waht you think i also do art for bands also check out my website